Slides from T3SAIL10 - Sardinia

In September 2010 T3SAIL10 took place. Port of shipping was Portisco/Sardinia. We visited La Maddalena, Bonifacio some nice bays in the Maddalena Archipelago and on the Costa Smeralda.

Some statistical numbers:

  • yachts: Bavaria 50, Sun Odyssey 45, Bavaria 40
  • crew: 24 this year. That is about 3 times as many as last year!
  • wind: 1-8 beaufort 
  • waves: not more than half a meter this time but plenty of sun and warm and cristal clear water!

Click the first picture to start the slideshow:

Harbour shuttle Portisco
Skipper check-in
Fly the flags
Happy start of the T3SAIL week
1st day ... stormy
35 knots from portside ...
... tacking ...
35 knots from starboard :)
First cleaning of the yacht ...
... after that of the crew.
Snacks are important!
Exhausted after doing the dishes
This has been a gangway once :)
City harbour of La Maddalena
La Maddalena
"Human Resources"
Romantic get together
When two yachts meet ....
it is shooting time ...
... click ...
... click ...
... done!
TYPO3 rules!
Bonifacio skyline
Bonifacio cliffs
T3SAIL10 devotional objects
Bonifacio harbour night moods
Bonifacio harbour
Bonifacio historic town
Smooth sailing
Snacks again and all the time :)
Costa "Smeralda" ... now you know why :)
Underwater world
Dreaming already of T3SAIL11?
Sunsets in lonely bays
... still setting ...
... and a good night swim ...
... of course in the morning, too!
Fair sailing!
Mission accomplished: the T3SKIPPERS
Good bye dinner
Bye bye Sardegna!