Slides from T3SAIL11 (Sardinia II)

In September 2011 T3SAIL11 took place. Port of shipping was Cannigione/Sardinia located directly at the La Maddalena Archipelago. We visited La Maddalena, Bonifacio (Corsica) and even Porto Vecchio (Corsica), conquered nearly all of the Maddalena and Lavezzi islands, found new bays we have not known yet, did not lose any of the crew members - and solved the SEND + MORE = MONEY puzzle.

Some statistical numbers:

  • yacht: Beneteau 47.3 Cruiser
  • wind: 1-6 beaufort 
  • bays visited: countless
  • waves: not more than half a meter, plenty of sun and warm and cristal clear water!

Click the first picture to start the slideshow:

The mountains of Corsica while approaching Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Bizarre rocks of Sardinia
Capo d'Orso - the bear rock
Leaving Cannigione
Shark fishing :)
Mermaid and painted skies
Citadelle (Fort) of Bonifacio
View from the fort down to Bonifacio harbour
Relaxing: Crew already becomes easy, light and floating :)
Breakfast: Italian coffee, Corsica cheese, French baguettes, croissants & pains au chocolat (yummy)
The rock "Grain de Sable" (sand grain) near Bonifacio
Visit of a mega yacht in Bonifacio
Bonifacio on the cliffs
Bonifacio harbour entrance lighthouse
Our island conquering team
Porto della Madonna - for sure one of the nicest bays in the middle of three lonley islands.
Fresh breeze + concentrated steersman = ...
... fair sailing!
La Maddalena city harbour
Pretty much empty streets? Yes! Still siesta time :).
Diner with a choice of red and white wines
Breakfast in Sardinia differs from the one in Corsica: Here you go for Sardinian cheese :)
The week advances - crew becomes professional ...
... resulting in a perfect course towards the wind.
Lavezzi islands, beautiful rocks and sandy beaches.
Cormorants at Lavezzi islands.
Snoopy bird
Flags: TYPO3 (crewflag), Corsica and France (flag of the visited country as sign of respect towards them)
Approaching the Maddalena Archipelago from North
(Housemade) Shipmade music: The tin whistle!
Hungry birds
Solving the SEND + MORE = MONEY puzzle
Preparing dinner - I think we'll have red wine with the salad ;)
Knot training.
Maddalena & Sardinia in the background.
Who is sailing the yacht?!?
Cave arch near Bonifacio.
The Flag.
You will catch us - even from afar.
Waiting for the tender to come back.
Skipper relaxing after a hard day ;-)
Kasper back from his daily island inspections.
Does it need words .... ?
They have free wifi even in Porto della Madonna now!
Thanks again Marketing Factory for providing the flag!
Houses of La Maddalena.
The last miles ....
... T3SAIL11 crew wishes: "Fair winds & see you in 2012"