T3SAIL15 in preparation

Currently T3SAIL16 is in preplanning phase. Stay tuned at @t3sail or send an e-mail to info(at)t3sail.org so you won't miss the start of registration and bookings in later 2015.



T3SAIL - the TYPO3 Community Sailing Event

T3SAIL is the TYPO3 Community Sailing Event. Every year community members & friends & users & developers of TYPO3 go for the seven seas.

Sailing is a great way to relax to slow down and to meet up, socialize and network.

On the same time it is a special adventure you don't want to miss once you have been there. It brings you back to nature and close to the ocean, wind and waves as you probably have not been yet. It makes you enjoy team work and brings you closer together. And for sure you will enter a complete different world the moment we leave the port the first time. The ideal precondition to get back all your forces and energy!

Our sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for making a great T3SAIL supporting programme possible!

Fly your company flag!

Sponsor the T3SAIL event! Every yacht will fly a large flag. One half of the flag shows the TYPO3 logo, the other half shows your company logo. Also we will adapt the call signs of the yachts to the sponsoring company names.

Contact Peter for more info.