The Yachts

Which yachts we will actually sail depends on the amount of sailors. So here are some example infos of a yacht Bavaria 50 cruiser, the yacht we sailed at T3SAIL09 and that was one of the yachts at T3SAIL10 as well as at T3SAIL12 and will be the flagship in 2013 (Images by courtesy of the manufacturer

A sailing yacht is like a swimming caravan. It is completely equipped with cabins, lavatory, galley and salon.

The yachts have a length of appr. 14-16 meters, a max. width of 4-6 meters and have enough room for 6-10 people. You can mostly stand upright in the cabin. Life on board is a bit cramped though, more than you'd be used to ;-).

Bavaria 50 Cruiser

On Board

On board the sailing rules. In the rear of the boat is the cockpit with the rudder. All sailing positions are set from there with the help of different ropes (sheet, etc.) and winches . 

So problably nobody will have to climb up the mast.

Our sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for making a great T3SAIL supporting programme possible!

Yachts 2013

  1. Bav 50 Cr ""
  2. Bav 46 Cr "domainFACTORY"
  3. Bav 46 Cr "HDNET"
  4. Bav 46 Cr "Alinbu"
  5. Bav 45 Cr "Funshine"